Support Camp Sabra

Why give to Sabra?

  • Help campers (our future leaders) discover their strengths and enhance their individual resiliency
  • Invest in the future of the Jewish Community
  • Create future Jewish philanthropists with a unique connection to the Jewish community and Israel
  • Make an investment in what generations of past, present and future campers call “home”

For generations of summers, something special and transformative has taken place at Camp Wah-Kon-Dah and Camp Hawthorn, and continues to take place at Camp Sabra. A deep sense of community and an enriched understanding of Judaism are forged. New friendships are born and old ones rekindled. Skills are learned and honed, and campers return home with a new sense of independence, self-awareness, and an experience that has shaped who they will become later in life. And, while learning all of this, our campers are having the time of their lives!

As a non-profit entity, Camp Sabra’s mission is to help future leaders develop their Jewish identities and embrace traditions under the beautiful canopy of camp. Camp is a safe environment infused with ruach (camp spirit!), and the Wah-Kon-Dah, Camp Hawthorne and Camp Sabra experiences have changed the lives of thousands of young people for more than 70 years. Your gift to Sabra will allow us to provide opportunities for the next generations of campers. We need your help in order to keep Camp Sabra, a home away from home, growing.

Announcing the Home Away from Home Campaign

Looking Back

In 2010, we began a capital campaign to meet the critical facility needs, which are the foundation for camp. We are excited to report to you that, thanks to gifts from the Staenberg Family Foundation, the Fox Family Foundation and other generous donors, the following projects have been funded at Sabra:

  • Seven Camper Cabins
  • Drama Theater
  • Girl’s Showerhouse
  • Two Unit Activity Pavilions
  • Health Center
  • Swim Dock
  • Deep Water Well
  • Sail Dock
  • Boy’s Showerhouse (2016)
  • Outdoor Sports Pavilion (2016)
  • Arts & Crafts building (2017)
  • Office (2017)

Moving Forward

hugWe are in process of replacing perhaps the most important structure at Camp: Cabins. Seven new cabins have been built, and they stand in stark contrast to the older structures. The new cabins are bigger, have ample space for camper belongings, and are insulated. As the “home away from home” for our campers, we can no longer delay the need to replace the older cabins, which are deteriorating. With that in mind, we are launching the Home Away from Home Campaign as the final phase of capital improvements to build 23 new cabins, in as short a time as possible.

If you would like to donate to the Home Away from Home Campaign or make a scholarship contribution to camp, please contact Staci Tons, Development Manager, at [email protected] or 314-442-3109.