Community Care: Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual Health

Our commitment to our camper’s and staff’s wellbeing:

At Camp Sabra, we prioritize the health and safety of our community. This includes the Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual Health (MESSH) of everyone who lives and works at camp. With that in mind, we have established a Community Care Team, spearheaded by our year-round Assistant Director of Community Care, Lisa Deutsch, LCSW.

The primary functions of the Community Care Team are to develop systems and training that address the morale and engagement of all campers and staff, to implement programs and systems that address the MESSH of campers and staff during the summer season, and to serve as an on-site resource for campers and staff who need one-on-one support.

Through the lens of Sabra’s four core values, the Community Care team guides us each summer.


  • Kind to others
  • Kind to yourself
  • Be supportive and listen with empathy

  • To ask for help
  • To say “I have a problem”
  • To move through a problem
  • It’s okay to “tell” if it is about someone’s safety
  • Try new things and accept challenges
Social Responsibility

  • To care for each person, no matter their needs
  • To include everyone
  • Tell a grown-up or expert if you are concerned about someone (be an upstander)
  • Respect towards others
  • Celebrate our differences
  • Respect for the environment

  • For a place to be yourself
  • For a loving, supportive community
  • For a helper
  • Learning to give back to your community