Ayelet (girls) and Almagor (boys): Entering 6th – 7th grade

ayeletMany of these campers are returning to Camp Sabra to reunite with their past bunkmates and to build friendships with new campers. Sixth graders and seventh graders attend camp for a full four-week session. These longer sessions give Ayelet and Almagor campers time to build their skills in our activities and spend more time with their camp family.

Activities and Trips

Ayelet and Almagor campers get the chance to explore many camp activities during their stay. Campers also experience an in-camp overnight, where they cook and sleep under the stars somewhere on the Camp Sabra peninsula.

Ayelet and Almagor participate in our color games, Maccabia, and they enjoy a trip to Big Surf Waterpark with us during the final week of session. These Ayelet and Almagor campers also go on a river trip for two nights and three days on a scenic Missouri Riverway – something campers look forward to all session. Campers also enjoy the opportunity to explore all of our camp activities with the added bonus of additional time to create memories with their fellow campers and our camp staff.