House Parties & Events

Host or Attend a House Party!

There is no better way to learn about Camp Sabra than by attending a party at the home of a current or prospective Camp family. Our Director or one of our Assistant Directors (or sometimes all of them!) will travel to your home to meet with prospective campers and their families. We’ll bring a video and some Camp Sabra goodies, and we’ll talk about Camp and what it has to offer from the parent and camper perspective. We’ll even pay for the snacks! House parties provide a comfortable environment for asking questions and discussing hopes and concerns.

We also offer great financial incentives to families who host. You’ll receive $100 tuition credit for each new camper who attends the party and subsequently enrolls.

To ask questions, find out about a party scheduled in your city, RSVP for an upcoming party or to schedule a party at your home, contact Camp Sabra Assistant Director Kim Holtzman Sloan at [email protected] or 314.442.3151.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, September 26, 5pm
Cincinnati, OH
Outdoor House Party

Sunday, October 10, 12:30pm
Overland Park, KS
Outdoor House Party

Thursday, October 21, 7pm
Virtual House Party Via Zoom
Contact Kim Holtzman Sloan for the link

Sunday, October 24, 12pm
Omaha, NE
Temple Camp Fair

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