Sharone (girls) and Golan (boys): Entering 3rd-5th grades


Sharone and Golan campers, the youngest members of our camp family, can attend for two- or four-week sessions. Many of our Sharon and Golan campers are attending a sleep-away camp for the first time and are introduced to camp culture and camp activities during their stays. Our camp staff makes sure that new campers become part of our camp community while returning campers are given every opportunity to try new experiences.

Sharone and Golan campers live in cabins with three to four staff members and eight to twelve other campers. Third and fourth-grade campers sometimes live together in cabins, while our fifth-grade campers live separately. Two-week campers may live separately from our four-week campers.

Activities and Trips

sharoneSharone and Golan campers (and campers who come for a two-week experience during the second half of the session) participate in our color games, Maccabia, and they enjoy a trip to Big Surf Waterpark during the final week of the session.

Four-week fifth-grade campers also enjoy in-camp overnights under the stars of the Sabra peninsula and enjoy additional time to create memories with their fellow campers and our camp staff.