Work at Camp Sabra

Camp isn’t just a great place for campers – it’s a great place for staff, too!


At the heart of Camp Sabra is our great staff. Our staff loves working at Sabra, and their joy shines through in the experiences they create for our campers. Our staff members know that a great camp experience forges friendships, opens minds, and creates lasting memories. This extends beyond just our campers to our staff as well!

Staff applications for Summer 2024 will open on September 10, 2023, at 12am CST. 

We are proud that our campers and staff members call Camp Sabra “home.” Our staff retention rate remains at over 80% every year, meaning that staff develop meaningful connections and relationships with campers and each other. Our staff members come from all over the U.S. and the world, but they return to Camp Sabra each summer and bring their own life experiences with them. This diversity creates a welcoming, accepting, and kind community at camp that begins with our staff and radiates throughout all camp community members.

Are you interested in joining our Camp Sabra family? More than 100 positions are available each summer, and each one is integral to how we create and maintain an excellent Camp Sabra experience for our campers. Our office and maintenance staff keeps camp running smoothly. Our drivers get us to camp, to our trip destinations, and back home; and our kitchen staff keeps us well fed and energized. Contact Kim Sloan, Camp Director, 314-442-3151.

Need an internship? Camp Sabra can work with you to create a unique position that can earn school credit, community service, or internship hours, and that looks great on your resume. Camp Sabra internships are not only fulfilling academically and professionally, but these opportunities are fulfilling personally as you are immersed in our camp community. Why dress in a suit and tie when you can wear shorts and flip flops? Contact Kim Sloan, Camp Director, 314-442-3151.

We spend a lot of time visiting camping and campus events around the country (and some abroad). To inform Camp Sabra about an event, please contact Kim Sloan, Camp Director, 314-442-3151.