Camp Sabra Alumni

Welcome Home

We welcome you (back) to Camp Sabra. We’re mighty glad you’re here!

For more than 45 years, Camp Sabra has welcomed thousands of children onto its magical Lake of the Ozarks peninsula. Each learned new skills, met lifelong friends, developed their sense of joyous Judaism, and created experiences that will fill their hearts forever. Nobody knows this better than you, the Camp Sabra alumni.

The magic of Camp Sabra is really all about the memories – unforgettable campfires filled with songs and s’mores, the warm summer breeze brushing against your face as you set sail on the scenic lake, the familiar smells in the Dining Hall of grilled cheese and freshly-baked cookies, cheers that are forever ingrained in your head, the exhilaration you feel when you water ski, uncontrollable laughter with friends in your cabin, and more.

alumni-2Whether your camp memories take you back to Inspiration Point at Camp Sabra, the IM Tree at Camp Hawthorn or the days of Uncle Benny at Wah-Kon-Dah, Camp Sabra and its predecessors have been creating vivid and magical memories that leave lifelong impressions on each camper. We hope to help you reunite with friends, reminisce about your camp days, and strengthen your bonds with camp. As alumni of Camp Sabra, Camp Hawthorn or Wah-Kon-Dah, you will always be a part of this community.

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Camp Sabra Alumni Committee

  • Amy Slavin Anderson
  • Jennifer Becker
  • Carole Bendet
  • Hilarie Bursten
  • Judith Capes (Wah-Kon-Dah)
  • Steve Chorlins
  • Brad Chotiner
  • Jeff Cohen
  • Lisa Dobkin Deutsch
  • Karen Dubrow
  • Lois Frank (Hawthorn)
  • Kenneth Goldberg
  • Laurie Goldberg
  • Becky Blumhoff Griffin
  • Terri Grossman
  • Jenny Hoffman-Mentle
  • Beth Koritz
  • Robert Koritz, Chair
  • Mike Lainoff
  • Debbie Koritz Lefton
  • Bob Levine (Wah-Kon-Dah)
  • Loren Mayer
  • Judy Epsten McLaughlin
  • Jodi Perl
  • Jason Powell
  • Charlotte Rosenblum (Hawthorn)
  • Terry Linkemer Shepherd
  • Bret Siegel
  • Jill Holtzman Starr
  • Lauri Stern
  • Allen Surinsky (Hawthorn)
  • Jeff Tash