Our History

sailingWhat’s known as Camp Sabra today actually began in 1938! From 1938-1969, Camp Hawthorn served as a home away from home for thousands of campers and staff. When Hawthorn’s size could no longer accommodate a growing camper population, the J purchased the current camp site (formerly Camp Wah-Kon-Dah) and opened Camp Sabra’s doors in 1970.

Camp Sabra is a unique place to experience the joy of being Jewish. Through creative, fun and enriching programs, campers gain a new understanding of their own rich Jewish heritage. From singing and dancing and religious services on the Sabbath, to special all camp programs like Maccabia, the Jewish program at Camp Sabra has a special feeling, interwoven throughout our close camp community.

campersIn recent years, additions and improvements in programming and facilities have attracted hundreds of campers from across the country and around the world. Camp Sabra boasts an 85% retention rate – among the highest in all Jewish residential camps. Camp Sabra camp families are loyal, and our campers refer to us as home. The St. Louis Jewish Community Center is proud to have provided excellent camping and life-changing experiences for children and their families for more than 75 years!