Staff FAQs

Interested in becoming a member of the Camp Sabra staff but still have some questions? Read through our staff FAQ below to see if Camp Sabra is right for you!

Where do I live while at Camp?

Junior Counselors, Specialists and Senior Counselors all live in rustic fan-cooled cabins with campers. Staff have their own area in the cabin, but do not have a separate room.

Who works at camp?

Our staff is made up of all types of people – teachers, MBAs, social workers, college students, grad students and skilled professionals. Our staff comes from all over the world creating a special Jewish camp community. Many of our staff members grew up as campers at Camp Sabra, but some will experience their first summer with us. The most important thing is that our staff is comprised of people who love working with our campers!

Do I have to be Jewish to work at camp?

Our team at Camp Sabra is made up of staff with both Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds. Together, we creatively celebrate Jewish customs and traditions, and our unique Jewish community comes alive.

Do I get time off?

Absolutely! While being an extremely rewarding job, working at camp can be tiring and we know our staff needs time to recharge. We provide each staff member with one period off during each day and three full days off each session.

Is tipping allowed?

Tipping is not allowed, as we want all children to be treated equally, regardless of a family’s financial situation. We do encourage families to contribute to our scholarship funds or make donations to camp in a staff member’s honor.

Have a question that is not answered here? Reach out to Kim Holtzman Sloan, Camp Director, 314-442-3151, for more information!