Coming Home to Sabra: Summer 2021

Welcome Back to Sabra: Spend the Summer Joyously, Jewishly and Safely

Updated May 28, 2021

We’re welcoming our full camp community back to Camp Sabra in 2021 for a magical (and safe) summer on the Staenberg Peninsula. The safety of our campers and staff is our highest priority, and we’re committed to providing a safe, supportive and epic Sabra summer.

Camp Sabra’s summer 2021 protocols and procedures are based on the established best practices of ACA guidelines, CDC recommendations, consultation with medical experts, the Sabra committee and our full-time team. If or when any of these guidelines change before summer 2021, our plans may need to change as well.

Summer 2021: Life at Camp

Camp Sabra has been around for 52 years. While summer 2021 will be different in some ways, it will be the same in all the important ways.

  • Campers and staff will make friendships and connections that will last a lifetime.
  • Campers and staff will live in a small, personal, joyous Jewish community.
  • Campers and staff will develop independence, resilience, and relational skills.
  • Campers and staff will spend most of their time connecting with the outdoors.
  • Campers and staff will swim and sail and climb (and more!) and sleep under the stars. And eat s’mores.

Our campers and staff this year will have an extraordinary experience. We offer a world of friends and role models and play that will contrast sharply with the last year of their lives. Once we are all safely out of the bubble phase*, we will take off our masks and hug and cheer and sing and celebrate.

*Bubble phase refers to the initial days of camp (at least 7 days) when we will be masked, outdoors and appropriately distant from people who are not in our bubble.

What will Cabin Life Look Like?

Cabin groups will live, sleep and eat together. They will clean up their cabins, shower and perform end-of-the-day rituals together. They may enjoy an evening campfire with s’mores or hang out at Hammock Village. During the bubble phase, there will be times when campers will need to wear masks, like when they enter a building or must be closer than six feet to another group. There will be more cleaning this summer – in the bubble and out! We have increased the number of (and use of) handwashing stations and sanitizing gel distribution.

What will Activity Area Time Look Like?

Most of the time, there will be only one cabin at a particular activity and so there will be no need for masks. We have also added some exciting new activities like pickleball, a Corkl area and more! After the bubble phase, there may be additional cabins at activities to add to the fun.

What will Meals Look Like?

During the bubble phase, we will be eating in three places at camp – the Dining Hall (where we always eat), the Rec Hall (downstairs from the Dining Hall) and Beren Pavilion (our covered sports pavilion).  Units (age groups) will be in the same area, tables will be distanced, and everything will be served family-style, including sunflower butter and salad. We will not be singing or cheering at the tables, but we WILL be finding places to do that outdoors! After the bubble phase, we will all be back in our super noisy, joyous Dining Hall, full of songs and unit cheers.

What will Evening Activities Look Like?

Units (age groups) will be together every night for some wacky activity that our fabulous staff has created. During the bubble phase, you will see masks if the groups cannot socially distance, but mostly campers will not wear masks. We will still get super loud and crazy.

What will Staff Life Look Like?

Our amazing staff works hard to make sure your camper has a great time. Our vaccinated staff will be allowed limited evenings to leave camp and will spend their days off at camp. We will load them up with snacks and activities during their time off. Staff will undergo two weeks of quarantine before our campers arrive. Once campers are at camp, staff will be part of their cabin’s bubble. (Second-session-only staff will undergo quarantine and a series of COVID testing before campers arrive for the second session.)

How will We have Shabbat

Our first Shabbat will be unlike any other at camp. Each unit (age group) will have a unique service, created just for them. Instead of gathering in one spot, campers and staff will be all over camp, making the connection with their joyous Judaism all over the peninsula. We will still sing and create poems and find shalom on Shabbat. After the bubble phase, we will be able to have Shabbat together as one family again.

How will the Health Center Operate this Summer?

Our Health Center Manager will live at camp all summer. She will oversee our medical staff, COVID-related testing, medication distribution, sick calls and more. We will have medical staff at camp and will also use Tele-Health Doctors during some weeks. During the bubble phase, medications will be distributed in the villages (outdoors) and sick call will be on the Health Center porch. Our Health Center staff will utilize additional PPE and COVID-related protocols while we are in the bubble phase.

How will Things Look to Parents at Home?

You will still be writing back and forth via snail mail or the CampInTouch email system. We will post photos on Facebook and in CampInTouch, but during our bubble phase, there will be a minimal amount while we instead concentrate on all the protocol behavior we need to maintain to move our summer along safely. Most photos will be of cabin groups (initial bubble groups). Some of the photos may have campers and staff in masks. Once we are out of the bubble phase, you will see more photos with faces and with cabin groups all mixed up.

Anything Else?

Yes. One last thing. We know this summer will be different. We are working hard to make sure different is better. Our mission, and our work every day, is to make each day as joyous as possible and to create myriad opportunities for growth, ensuring that our Jewish future is secured by resilient, confident and happy Sabra alumni.

Summer 2021: Procedures & Protocols

Before Camp

  • The behavior of our families in the 14 days prior to arrival at camp is the most important part of having a successful summer.
    We ask families to limit their activities to low-risk ones in the 14 days before camp. Please refer to the CDC guidelines for recommendations. Staying at home and not mixing with anyone from another household is the best way to be safe and assure that camp happens for everyone.
  • We ask that families monitor temperatures and any illness during the 14 days prior to camp.
  • In order to create a safe bubble for our campers, staff will spend 14 days quarantined together at camp before campers arrive. (Second-session-only staff will undergo quarantine and a series of COVID testing before campers arrive for the second session.)
  • Please pay careful attention to the packing list additions of masks, sanitizing gel and sanitizing wipes.
Arriving at Camp

  • We strongly recommend that all campers are dropped off on arrival day. This is the best way to minimize the risk of contracting COVID during travel.
  • We will only provide bus service to camp for those campers who must fly as part of their travel to camp. Strict bus protocols will be in place including assigned seats, use of school buses and masks.
  • Only campers will be allowed to exit vehicles at drop off. Please say your farewells in the car. We will have staff on hand to take your luggage and help your camper find their group.
  • You will be asked to fill out a form that states how your child got to camp and with whom they traveled.
Daily Life at Camp

  • At the beginning of camp, campers’ bubblemates will be their cabinmates and staff. Campers will live with, eat with, go to activities with and have a shower house rotation with their bubble. Most of the day will be spent outdoors and socially distanced, so campers and staff will not wear masks most of the time. When they are entering buildings or cannot maintain social distance, they will wear masks.
  • Campers will be tested upon arrival with a rapid test – campers must test negative to be admitted to camp. On the first day of camp, we will test again, and those results should be back in 48 hours. Our third round of tests will be taken on day 5, and a community negative result on this test will mean that camp becomes one large bubble.
  • While our camper’s bubbles are their cabins, they will have meals in three different locations: the Dining Hall, the Rec Hall and the Beren Sports Pavilion. In the Dining Hall and the Rec Hall, there will be dividers and distance between tables. In the Beren Sports Pavilion, tables will the outdoors and distanced. By the time everyone at camp is in the same bubble, all campers will be back in the Dining Hall with no dividers and lots of screaming and singing!
  • All activities will be outdoors while camper bubbles are small (one cabin), and a few high-touch activities will not be offered (ski, zip-line, etc.). When camp is one large bubble, our staff will make sure that all cabins have the chance to ski and get back into our indoor program spaces.
  • Instead of river trips this summer, campers will have amazing new activities! Masada will still go to Colorado under strict protocols.
  • You will not see as many photos of your individual child in the first week or two of camp. We will be concentrating on health and safety and getting camp to an “everyone bubble.” We will post cabin group photos every few days for the first couple of weeks of camp. After we are all together, we will do our best to post as many photos as possible.
  • We are busy adding hand-washing stations all over camp, and campers will be washing (or gelling) before every activity and meal!
Guests & Visitors at Camp

  • There will be no guests or visitors at camp this summer.
  • Campers will not be allowed to arrive after the session has begun.
Deposits, Payments & Refunds

  • We have extended our refund policy this year. You can obtain a full refund, minus your deposit, until 3/31/21.
  • You can obtain a 50% refund of tuition from 4/1/21-4/30/21.