Camp Sabra 2020: Statement Regarding Covid-19

Dear Sabra Family,

We hope that this finds you and your entire family safe and healthy. These are extraordinary times that call for extraordinary decisions. We know you are waiting to hear about the status of Camp Sabra.

As we shared a few weeks ago, we have been waiting for the American Camp Association (ACA) guidelines which would inform our decision. Those guidelines were scheduled to be issued on May 1 but have yet to be fully released. As you know, there are special considerations when making a decision with regard to Camp Sabra, but we were hoping that the ACA guidelines would provide a roadmap for us so we could safely hold camp. We are not a regional camp, but welcome campers and staff from across the country and the world; our camp community exceeds 500 each session, and our communal shower houses, which fully meet our needs during a normal summer, create a challenge in a time of physical distancing.

Although only a portion of the guidelines has been released, the information we have seen combined with the guidance of health care professionals makes us realize that we cannot operate Sabra with the high standard of care our families have come to expect. Though it is a heart-wrenching choice, we have decided to cancel our normal summer camp programming at Camp Sabra for the 2020 summer.

The global impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is profound. While local impact may vary depending on the city in which you live, ultimately our decision was based on the risks and implications that any transmission of this virus at camp would have on our ability to convene our campers and staff in a safe and healthy way. Our core values speak to this crisis, and we are stronger having lived them each summer.

Courage (OMETZ LEV) – We are courageous. When we face challenges, such as missing camp, we can use our courage to express our feelings, ask for help, find ways to connect with our friends until we can be together again.

Social Responsibility (ACHRAYUT) – It is our responsibility to care for the people in and connected to our community, and this summer that means staying home. But we are all forever part of the Sabra community.

Kindness (CHESED) – Camp Sabra is a kind community. There are endless ways to express that kindness away from camp. Reach out to a friend or relative. Put a sign on your front door thanking workers who are making your life safer. Do a chore, hug a family member, just say “I love you” to someone.

Gratitude (HAKARAT HATOV) – We can be grateful for Camp Sabra even though we will miss it this summer. This is a different kind of HOMEsickness. We will miss our summer home, but we can be grateful for the joy we have had there, for the dreams we had of being there, and especially, that we hope to be together again in 2021.

We know this news will be difficult for your children, and we recommend that you allow them to share their feelings. Validate what a loss this is for each of them. Remind your children that they made it through the sadness of homesickness or not bunking with a friend, that they had fun on rainy days when their time at ski was rained out. Most importantly, even though we cry through goodbyes at the end of each summer, we can always look forward to next year. We have attached some helpful information below regarding sharing the news with children. We also are in the process of considering some family programming at camp that would allow our campers to spend some time on the peninsula this summer. And, should medical conditions change, or a reliable test become available, we will reach out to all families. 

With love for our campers, our staff and our summer home,

Terri, Kim and Lisa

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